Why work with Sense Cleaning?

Why work with Sense Cleaning?

SONY DSCThe Kennedy Hotel in Kortrijk opened its doors in 1992. The hotel initially had 48 rooms, but following its huge success, capacity was expanded to 80 rooms in 2005. The hotel is located within a business park; so guests staying here are not tourists, but mainly businessmen from home and abroad.

Diana Dirix, the Hotel Manager: “Our peak moments are the exact opposite of the tourist seasons. Holiday periods in our hotel are quiet, while it gets busier during the low tourist season.”

“We employ three permanent workers to carry out the day-to-day cleaning. They also perform other tasks during the calm periods, but we are short-staffed in high season. Until recently, we then called upon a recruitment agency to hire temporary workers.”

“The main disadvantage of this system is that it entails a lot of time and extra work to draw up work plans and train the new employees.  Every time, we have to start all over again… And, when business gets quiet again, the colleagues who just got themselves familiarized with the job become redundant.”

“That is why we decided to collaborate with Sense Cleaning from the 1st of June. Sense Cleaning ensures that the cleaning crew is in line with room occupancy, without me having to worry about it. That saves me a lot of time and work. Before, I had to step in for an ill colleague myself, so I had no time left to check the work. Thanks to Sense Cleaning, I now have more time to do the things I must do. ”

“Together with a consultant, we have decided to outsource our everyday cleaning. Our close personal contact with Sense Cleaning eventually led to our decision to take a new step in the further development of our hotel. ”


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