Sense Cleaning & Services specializes in the cleaning of hotels and apartment buildings. The knowledge and experience we have gained in this market offer big advantages for our clients.

We stand out because we focus on delivering quality and continuity. Furthermore we love making clear agreements, at all levels.



Delivering quality is our top priority. To achieve this we work with well trained staffmembers. We are not afraid to examine the results of our activities, procedures, etc. critically. We even developed our own quality measurement system with as much as 144 checkpoints.


Clients want reliable and motivated cleaners where change in the staff members is kept to a minimum. To achieve this the employment policy has a prominent place in our organization. We work with our permanent employees and ensure that they receive appropriate training, a fair pay and responsibilities.


To be able to guarantee a perfect service it is necessary to have an open and well organised communication. We’ve implemented fixed procedures, such as standardization, and encourage our customers and employees to think about how we can improve our services even further.

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