The right product in the right dose

The right product in the right dose

ecolabThe daily cleaning of public areas, guest rooms and relaxation areas is not easy. Some of the challenges are the materials, the air fresheners and the limited time to train employees. To be able to meet these challenges, Sense Cleaning works with the products and systems of Ecolab.

We are committed to our employees to make work as easy as possible and yet still achieve a great result!
The key to our success is the efficient and sustainable mix of products, equipment and materials.

Thanks to the constant dosage of the cleaning products and not having to rinse afterwards, we save time and costs and we reduce the consumption of water, energy and packaging waste. Which is good for the budget and the environment!

Choosing the right cleaning products also means better security choices.
Safety is vital at Sense Cleaning. We work with colour coded products, labels and icons. And, in order to avoid contact with the products, they are packed in secure dispensers. By working with Ecolab we help you to meet the inspection requirements and we improve the safety of both our staff, and your guests.

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