hotel cleaning services


žSense Cleaning & Services is market leader in hotel cleaning and the maintenance of apartment buildings.


Sense Cleaning & Services specializes in hotel cleaning and the cleaning of apartments. Thanks to our knowhow and expertise in this market you can stay focused on your core business: renting rooms.

We have a unique and flexible personnel concept that offers great benefits for hotels and accommodations. In a relatively quiet periods, we adjust our work schedule. This way the cost is proportionate to the turnover of the hotel. In addition, we ensure that our employees are well trained and that they are motivated to do the job.

Besides cleaning hotel rooms, common areas and the restaurant, we offer many additional services: the care of the minibar, linen, washing dishes in the kitchen, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning of the bathroom and kitchens, …

Sense Cleaning & Services offers full coverage in Belgium. To ensure our quality we’ve developed our own quality measurement system.

After an exploratory meeting, we’ll make you a customized offer according to your wishes. 

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